Practicool Garden Hand Transplanter Trowel Hand Spade Shovel - Stainless Steel – with Measurements, Ideal for potting, transplanting, planting seeds and Bonsai

DURABLE PREMIUM QUALITY POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL, this hand transplanting trowel/spade is constructed out of a single piece of high quality polished stainless steel, it is rust resistant with minimal soil adhesion and easy to clean. MEASURE SOIL DEPTH WHILE YOU plant. 1cm to 10cm incremental depth markers on the front of the spade head let you see how deep a hole is, so you can plant seeds perfectly LOOKS GREAT and is STRONG. This elegant looking hand trowel/spade is constructed out of a single piece of high-quality stainless steel, featuring mirror polished stainless-steel head it is rust resistant, easy to clean and very strong. EASY TO STORE Loop allows you hang the trowel on neatly on a hook in your shed or garage. Keeping it safe from children and easy to find when you need it

Do you love to garden?

Our trowel is the best choice because it is:

  • A DURABLE PREMIUM QUALITY hand shovel/trowel, it is a perfect addition to your hand tools to help you grow your beautiful indoor or outdoor garden.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL YOUR GARDEN NEEDS; such as digging, loosening soil, planting seeds, transplanting seedings, plants and bulbs; weeding garden beds, mixing soil, compost, scooping fertilizer; Ideal for use with succulent plants, bonsai and indoor plants, it will suit most of your gardening needs.
  • SHARP BLADE EASILY CUTS THROUGH GARDEN BED SOIL; this makes The Practicool Garden hand shovel/spade is Ideal for transplanting small plants and flowers.
  • DEPTH MEASUREMENTS ON BLADE. No more guessing how deep your hole is! The 1cm - 10cm incremental markings etched on the trowel/ spade take the guesswork out of planting.
  • A GREAT GIFTS IDEA for your mum, dad, grandma, boys and girls amateur or professional gardeners
  • GOOD LOOKING AND STRONG This elegant looking hand trowel /spade is constructed out of the finest quality stainless steel for rust resistance, designed to be strong and easy to clean with minimal soil adhesion to make gardening easy.
  • VERY VERSATILE not only can it be used for all your garden needs indoor or outdoor it can also be used for filling bird feeders, as a Pet food scoop, Narrow shovel, all-Purpose trowel.
  • ADD TO CART NOW and you'll fall in love instantly with this high-quality great looking transplanting trowel!

*** It is strongly recommended that this tool be used by children 5 years or older and only under the direct supervision of an adult to avoid injury.

*** Always clean and dry the gardening tools after each use to keep them in pristine condition.